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Operational Security Services Inc.
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Operational Security Services Inc. 

Verified SDVOSB provides our clients with a "Cradle to Grave" solution for all of their
Data Storage Solutions and Document Conversion needs in a secure environment.

Our Services Include-

Mass Data Storage- W/Secure Fiber Optic Data Transfer-

ERM- Electronic Records Management and Conversion Services-

System Design and Software Integration Consulting-

Sale of Hardware and Software as a New Dell Direct Partner-

Why ND is the Best Location for OSS Inc?

Our location provides us the ability to offer our services at a rate that translates to significant cost savings for our clients.

Currently our location sits on a much underutilized fiber optic line (pipe) at our disposal with the ability to expand the bandwidth as the need arises. [See In the News Page for More information]

Our Team can provide you with a Records Scanning Solution for conversion of your records either on-site at your location (Secure Remote Records Scanning) or at our facilities located in ND or CA to convert your paper records, in addition to a secure fiber link to these records after the ERM is complete.

In addition we can train the Clients company personnel on how to properly scan the records, allowing our company to conduct the cataloging and indexing at our company’s facilities, which will reduce the cost for the conversion of your records.

In addition we will provide you with the data storage solution that will allow you to store the records after scanning and any other data you require an offsite recovery solution.  A totally off-site solution for the storage your data at our facilities.

Currently we have the space to migration up to 1 Petabyte of data within 60 days of signing of a contract.

All electronic storage is custom configured to the client’s requirements, (NAS/ Object Based Storage/ Hybrid of a SAN and a NAS system) since the explosion of un-structured data (video, word doc. spread sheets, audio) space and availability along with the power costs are the biggest factors driving Data Storage and the Locations of Data Centers.

We have 11 Vaults ranging from Tier 2 to Tier 3 w/ 1 Vault Upgradeable to a Tier 4 within our area to serve your Data Storage Needs. With multiple redundant pathways to ensure no lost connectivity.

OSS Inc is always looking for Prime & Subcontracting opportunities to provide you with that ERM or Data Storage Solution you have been looking for.